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Robbery of Donkeys turns into an enormous headache for Hanumangarh Police in Rajasthan

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JAIPUR: The robbery of over 3 dozen donkeys has turn out to be an enormous headache for the police in Rajasthan’s Hanumangarh district. Because of this, as an alternative of criminals, the native police is now on the lookout for the donkeys in villages and hamlets throughout Hanumangarh.

Within the canal house, donkey house owners steadily lift items and soil on donkeys on every occasion wanted and later depart the donkeys are left to graze within the open. A couple of days in the past, the asses went off beam and disappeared. Some smart other people within the house instructed the donkey house owners to file the subject to the police and search their lend a hand find the donkeys. Ever because the police were in hassle.

This atypical case has come to the fore within the Khuiyan police station house of the district. It’s being mentioned that round 40 donkeys had been lacking at other occasions over the previous few days. Donkey house owners filed a robbery grievance however to start with, the police didn’t pay heed to their grievance. Offended with the perspective of the police, the native CPI(M) staff and the house owners of the donkeys, staged a dharna on the police station on Tuesday. After their demonstration, the police officers by hook or by crook introduced 15 donkeys to the police station until Tuesday night time and requested the house owners to take their donkeys.

Quickly the donkey house owners began calling the donkeys by means of their puppy names. The police had been shocked to peer the donkeys being known as by means of names however later the house owners showed that their donkeys reply to precise names handiest. But if not one of the donkeys spoke back, the house owners mentioned that those don’t seem to be our donkeys and refused to take the asses introduced by means of the police.

In the meantime, the police say that the donkeys are misplaced because of the carelessness in their house owners and argue that now it is vitally tricky to spot them. Answerable for the Khuiyan police station, Vijyendra Sharma mentioned that it’s proving to be extraordinarily tricky to seek out the donkeys as all of the asses glance simply the similar.

“The police introduced 15 donkeys from the realm of our police station, the house owners had named their donkeys as Chintu Pintu , Bablu, Kallu, and so forth., however the donkeys did not reply to the names and they have got no longer put any mark at the donkeys so it is vitally difficult to search for the donkeys,” mentioned Sharma.

Donkeys introduced by means of the police

The police, then again, are not able to make the protesters know how difficult it’s to find the misses asses with none marks on them. Then again, donkey house owners are indignant and say that their way of livelihood has ended after the donkeys had been stolen. They argue that handiest their donkeys perceive their instructions and it’s tricky to get different donkeys to their paintings of wearing the weight. In this sort of unusual state of affairs, they would like the police to get better their donkeys and hand them over to their house owners.

The police say that some native leaders are pressurizing the police to enhance the donkey house owners to make political beneficial properties as a result of their upcoming elections. On this curious state of affairs, the police are busy on the lookout for the donkeys leaving their paintings on critical crimes like 302, 307, NDPS. The Police say that neither the imaginable thieves nor the actual and sought after donkeys are being discovered.

“To search out the donkeys, we’ve got shaped a group of four -5 other folks. The group is on the lookout for donkeys from village to village. The group is  going to all surrounding villages and particular bulletins are being made to hunt other folks’s lend a hand to find the lacking donkeys.” Added Sharma

Donkey house owners and CPI(M) staff have given a caution to the police that if the donkeys don’t seem to be discovered, they’re going to start an agitation. Police say that even though he leaves all of the paintings and brings donkeys, what’s the make sure that the donkey house owners will once more name them Chintu, Pintu and the donkeys will react. General, this has turn out to be a topic of a lot humour for native other folks however numerous hassle for the Khuiyan police.

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