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Reality Test: Is the Whomping Willow in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy has been a few of the most fun and highly-anticipated releases this 12 months, particularly for lovers of Harry Potter and the Wizarding International.

With such a lot to revel in within the open international that Avalanche Tool has created, many lovers are concerned with one of the vital issues they may be able to anticipate finding when exploring.

One of the vital extra standard questions that many in the neighborhood were inquiring for moderately a while is that if avid gamers gets to stumble upon the Whomping Willow within the RPG.

Sadly, there is not any Whomping Willow in Hogwarts Legacy. The sentient tree that was once made well-known through Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban isn’t part of the sport because of the timeline during which the RPG is ready.

Whilst the forbidden woodland is one thing that avid gamers can discover within the sport, the Whomping Willow will sadly no longer be part of the enjoy.

Hogwarts Legacy is ready virtually 100 years sooner than occasions involving Whomping Willow

The main reason the Whomping Willow isn’t part of Hogwarts Legacy has to do with the sport’s environment and the time all over which the narrative takes position.

The tale revolves across the participant’s adventure as a fifth-year scholar and their time in Hogwarts. The lore takes position in 1890. This can be a identified truth from the Harry Potter books and flicks that the Whomping Willow was once planted in 1971 with the intention to hide the passage that result in the Shrieking Shack.

It was once ceaselessly discussed within the books how the Whomping Willow was once a way to permit Remus Lupin to retreat from his fellow scholars all over a brand new moon, as he would change into into his werewolf state. He would use the Shrieking Shack as a way of concealing his affliction from the remainder of his classmates.

All the way through this time of the narrative, it was once Professor Pomona Sprout who taught sixth-year Herbology and the right way to maintain more youthful Willows to a technology of Hogwarts scholars. This integrated Nymphadora Tonks.

Therefore, it’s moderately logical that Avalanche Tool selected to go away out the Whomping Willow from Hogwarts Legacy. Lore-wise, it don’t have made sense to incorporate the sentient tree within the sport.

It’s moderately disappointing for plenty of that the well-known Whomping Willow that broke Harry’s Broom may not be part of the sport. Then again, in relation to staying true to the Wizarding International lore, it’s certainly lucky that the builders caught strictly to the timeline.

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