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Mirzapur Information: The lady used to be taken away at the pretext of having kites in Mirzapur, murdered after gangrape

In Mirzapur district of UP, a 9-year-old lady enjoying outdoor the home used to be raped via the neighboring youths with the trap of kites first after which strangulated to dying because of the incident no longer being disclosed. Disclosing the incident inside of 36 hours, the police has despatched 2 accused to prison.

The lady’s frame used to be discovered on 26 December
Consistent with the police, the case of abduction and homicide of a 9-year-old lady got here to mild at the night time of December 26 in Katwaru Ka Pura locality of Katra Kotwali house.

Neighboring youths raped via luring kites
SP Town Sanjay Verma mentioned that the lady used to be enjoying outdoor her area on December 26 with some youngsters, on the identical time the neighbors Aman Yadav and Thakur Prajapati lured the lady enjoying outdoor the home to provide her a kite and took her with them. went. Then either one of them took turns raping the lady.

The name of the game will have to no longer be published, so he used to be murdered.
Pondering this, the lady will have to no longer move house and inform the whole thing and the name of the game will probably be published. For this, each in combination killed the lady via strangling her with a rope and threw her frame out at midnight of night time.

Police disclosed inside of 36 hours
Inside 36 hours, the police, whilst disclosing the incident on Tuesday, arrested each the accused youths and despatched them to prison. ASP Sanjay Verma mentioned that at the foundation of the entire proof and inquiries, we uncovered this incident.


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