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Liquor lovers higher in small cities, English gross sales higher by way of 23.70%, then beer higher by way of 23.70%

Surya Prakash Shukla, Lucknow: There’s a common trust that English liquor and beer are dear, therefore their intake is extra in metro towns and massive towns. In a similar fashion, because of being affordable, nation liquor is offered extra in rural spaces and small cities. On the other hand, within the yr 2021-22, the higher gross sales figures of nation, English liquor and beer have shattered this belief. The rise in gross sales presentations that even other folks from smaller cities are turning into keen on English wine and beer.

The sale of English liquor has higher by way of 23.70% in 2021-22 compared to 2020-21 in UP. In smaller districts like Rampur, Kushinagar, Deoria, Amroha and Kaushambi, there was once an building up of 30% to 40% within the sale of English liquor. There was an building up of 67.78% within the sale of beer within the state.

In districts like Sambhal, Rampur, Amethi, Ballia, Sonbhadra and Badaun, the gross sales of beer higher from 80% to 109%. On the identical time, the intake of nation liquor higher by way of 25.70% all the way through this era. Intake of nation liquor has higher from 51.90% to 38% in Kaushambi and Badaun.

Beer gross sales higher in April, English lowered
The start of the present excise yr has now not been superb for English and nation liquor. In April 2022, beer gross sales higher by way of 36.90% as in comparison to April remaining yr. English wine gross sales lowered by way of 6.90% in comparison to April of remaining yr. The gross sales of nation liquor registered a enlargement of most effective 0.30% all the way through this era.

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