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Kyle O’Reilly posts heartfelt message following NXT farewell

It sort of feels like closing evening’s episode of NXT 2.0 would be the closing time we see Kyle O’Reilly in WWE in the interim.

WWE NXT 2.0 opened closing evening with a metal cage fit between Kyle O’Reilly and Von Wagner. Wagner gained the bout after which went directly to assault O’Reilly with the metal cage door following the matchup.

Whilst it is been reported that Kyle O’Reilly’s NXT contract will expire someday this month, the previous member of the Undisputed Technology took to social media this afternoon to handle the overpowering assist of the WWE Universe.

“Really beaten via all of the love and heartfelt messages. Certainly not does this imply good-bye… simply odor ya later,” Kyle O’Reilly tweeted.

Really beaten via all of the love and heartfelt messages. Certainly not does this imply good-bye… simply odor ya later.

3:12 AM · Dec 8, 2021

Really beaten via all of the love and heartfelt messages. Certainly not does this imply good-bye… simply odor ya later. O’Reilly places over the referees of WWE NXT 2.0

WWE NXT 2.0 referee Darryl Sharma posted a heartfelt message referring to Kyle O’Reilly on his Instagram previous nowadays. Sharma stated in his publish that the previous Undisputed Technology member is only a ‘surely excellent dude’ and likewise stated he all the time used to move out of his tactics to recognize the referees.

O’Reilly noticed the message and selected to reply on Twitter, letting the referees of NXT know the way a lot he appreciates them.

“The sweetest publish there ever used to be *center emoji* @DABrewerWWE @tomcastorWWE @WWEdarrylsharma are one of the vital maximum proficient guys I have ever with,” Kyle O’Reilly tweeted.

Whilst the unique participants of The Undisputed Technology made quite a lot of reminiscences in combination in WWE NXT, it sort of feels like that is just one bankruptcy of the tale. Many be expecting O’Reilly to make his solution to All Elite Wrestling someday within the close to long term to reunite along with his stablemates in Bobby Fish and Adam Cole.

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What are your ideas on the way forward for Kyle O’Reilly? Do you assume he is headed to All Elite Wrestling along with his pals Adam Cole and Bobby Fish? Tell us your ideas via sounding off within the feedback part beneath.

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