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“I simply express regret to Jacksonville” – City Meyer remorseful in first interview since being fired 

City Meyer was once employed in January of this yr as the pinnacle trainer of the Jacksonville Jaguars after training in faculty for 17 years. Then again, his tenure in Jacksonville didn’t ultimate a complete yr as proprietor Shad Khan fired Meyer after 13 video games.

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After being terminated, Meyer spoke about how time with the Jaguars went in a telephone interview:

“I simply express regret to Jacksonville. I like Jacksonville. It is one of the vital causes I took the task. I nonetheless assume Shad’s an excellent proprietor. It is heart-breaking. I simply had a dream of it changing into a vacation spot position with a brand new facility he agreed to construct and a few day to stroll into that stadium the place it is status room handiest.”

Meyer went on to discuss his interest and want for the staff to achieve success:

“As a result of I understand how unhealthy the folk of Jacksonville need it. So, I am simply heartbroken that we were not in a position to do this. I nonetheless consider it’ll be carried out. It is too just right of a spot.”

The previous Jaguars head trainer had a report of 187-32 in faculty, together with 3 nationwide championships: two with the Florida Gators and one with the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Unique: Former #Jaguars trainer City Meyer speaks for the primary time since getting fired, describing his dismissal to me as “devastating” and “heart-breaking.” Extra from our 20+ minute dialog:…

Essentially the most losses as a trainer got here in 2010 when the Gators went 8-5. At Ohio State, Meyer went 83-9 in his seven years. In his 13 video games, he went 2-11, together with two dropping streaks of 5 video games.

He was once fair that it was once tricky to procedure dropping video games and that could be a problem that he says he’s nonetheless operating on, bringing up:

“I inform folks, dropping eats away at your soul. While you get started dropping, it is laborious on everyone.”

The dropping was once a big factor for the Jaguars, and they’re lately sitting in 3rd position within the AFC South. They completed ultimate within the department for 3 instantly years after profitable the department in 2017.

City Meyer and What Went Incorrect in JacksonvilleFormer Jacksonville Jaguars HC City Meyer

There have been stories of disorder inside the Jaguars’ locker room, together with staff captain broad receiver Marvin Jones leaving the ability because of Meyer’s open and closed disapproval in regards to the benching of working again James Robinson. Meyer additionally informed his assistant coaches that they’re losers whilst difficult them to shield their training resumes.

There was once any other record from the Tampa Bay Instances quoting former Jaguars kicker Josh Lambo, who claimed Meyer kicked him whilst Lambo was once stretching throughout preseason apply.

Only a couple ‘ideas’ at the firing of City Meyer. Boy I want a trainer would’ve attempted to kick me…lord hammercy! @firsttake

2:15 AM · Dec 16, 2021

Only a couple ‘ideas’ at the firing of City Meyer. Boy I want a trainer would’ve attempted to kick me…lord hammercy! @firsttake

Meyer mentioned the incident with Jones was once now not correctly portrayed and the Lambo incident didn’t occur. Both means, Meyer is an NFL head trainer not more as he and the Jaguars attempt to flip the bankruptcy.

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Q. Is City Meyer in point of fact remorseful?

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