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“Any corporate he is going to he’s going to be an excellent” – Tony Khan would were keen on signing present WWE Famous person

AEW proprietor Tony Khan admits that he would were keen on signing Kevin Owens had he no longer re-signed with WWE.

Tony Khan not too long ago sat down with Shakiel Mahjouri of CBS Sports activities to talk about all issues AEW. When requested if there would were any doable hobby in signing Kevin Owens to the corporate subsequent yr had his WWE contract expired, Khan admitted he would were and known as Owens an excellent wrestler.

“I might were keen on that. He is an excellent wrestler,” Tony Khan mentioned. “I believe he ended up signing for what I consider is most definitely some huge cash. I believe that is nice and just right for him. We now have a large number of folks spotlighted right here and he is nice. Any corporate he is going to he’s going to be an excellent wrestler for them.”

Tony Khan has some tips up his sleeve heading into 2022

Whilst Kevin Owens would possibly not be coming to All Elite Wrestling anytime quickly, that does not imply Tony Khan is not making plans on including to the corporate’s roster within the weeks and months to come back.

Final week on AEW Dynamite, the prospective debuts for Kyle O’Reilly and Brody King have been teased in separate segments at the display, so each males could seem for the corporate faster slightly than later.

There may be an abundance of names in loose company at the present time, from Bray Wyatt to The Briscoes to Danhausen. Tony Khan is definitely acutely aware of the immense buzz interested in this fantastic pool of skillability these days populating the area of loose company. The AEW President will probably be taking a look to make stronger his already talent-filled roster as his corporate gears up for 2022.

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What do you’re making of Tony Khan’s feedback? Would you’ve got appreciated to look Kevin Owens signal with All Elite Wrestling? Tell us your ideas by means of sounding off within the feedback part beneath.

Bray Wyatt’s former spouse needs to reunite with him in AEW. Click on right here for the unique interview

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Q. Are you disillusioned that Kevin Owens would possibly not be in AEW in 2022?

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