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65 minor wooded area produce being procured in Chhattisgarh on give a boost to value – Lok

As in line with the aim of Leader Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel, conserving in view the pastime of the wooded area dwellers of the state, the state govt is these days buying 65 minor wooded area produce at the give a boost to value in Chhattisgarh. This determination of the state govt is proving essential within the pastime of the wooded area dwellers and tribals of Vananchal. Because of the rise within the choice of minor wooded area produce, their source of revenue has additionally greater.

On this connection, Woodland and Local weather Trade Minister Mr. Mohammad Akbar stated that 74 % of the rustic’s minor wooded area produce is saved in Chhattisgarh, which is most sensible within the nation. Within the pastime of creditors, the federal government determined to extend the choice of minor wooded area produce from 7 to 65, expanding the choice of minor wooded area produce by means of 9 occasions. Because of this why the choice of creditors has additionally greater greater than 4 occasions in those 4 years, within the 12 months 2018-19 the choice of creditors used to be 1.5 lakh, which has greater to six lakh nowadays.

Throughout this, an quantity of Rs 23 crore 50 lakh used to be paid to the creditors within the 12 months 2019-20 for small wooded area produce assortment remuneration. In a similar way, within the 12 months 2020-21, Rs 158 crore 65 lakh, within the 12 months 2021-22 Rs 116 crore 79 lakh and within the 12 months 2022-23 (relating to January 2023) an quantity of Rs 57 crore 50 lakh will have to be paid to the creditors. Is. On this approach, minor wooded area produce value Rs 356 crore 44 lakh used to be bought in Chhattisgarh in 4 years.

It’s value noting that the gathering fee of adlescent wooded area produce being procured underneath the give a boost to value within the state at this time is Malkangani seed (dry) Rs. ) Grade-2-Rs 31.50, Amla (seedless) dry is fastened at Rs 57 in line with kg. In a similar way, Rangini Lac/Chilli Lac (Dry) Rs 220, Reetha Fruit (Dry) Rs 14, Woodland Cumin Seed Rs 63, Satavar Root (Dry) Rs 107, Charota Seed Grade-1-16, Charota Seed Grade-2- Rs 14.50, honey Rs 225 and Nagarmotha (dry) is fastened at Rs 30 in line with kg. Mahul Patta Rs.15, Harra Entire (Dry) Grade-1-15, Harra Entire (Dry) Grade-2-13.50, Harra Kachariya Rs.25, Bahera Entire (Dry) Grade-1-17, Bahera Entire (Dry) Rs. ) Grade-2-15.30 rupees, Baheda Kacharia Rs.20 and Giloy (dry) grade-1-40, Giloy (dry) grade-2-36 rupees in line with kg.

In a similar way, Kusumi Lakh/Chilli Lakh (Dry) Rs.300, Van Tulsi Seed Rs.14.50, Bhelwa Rs.9.75, Shikakai Legume (Dry) Rs.50, Tamarind Flour (With Seeds) Grade-1-36, Tamarind Flour (With Seeds) Rs. Grade-2-Rs 33, tamarind flower (seedless) Rs 69, tamarind seed Rs 11 and Mahua flower (dry) Rs 30, Mahua seed Rs 29 in line with kg. Broom flower (grass) Rs 50, Kaunch seed Rs 21, Dhwai flower (dry) grade-1-37, Dhwai flower (dry) grade-2-33.50, Chironji kernel grade-1-126 rupees, Chironji kernel grade- Rs 2-115, Karanj seed Rs 24, Belguda (dry) grade-1-30, Belguda (dry) grade-2-27 and Kullu gum fastened at Rs 125 in line with kg. Cashew Kernels Grade-1-Rs 90, Cashew Kernels Grade-2-81, Sal Seed Rs 20, Safflower Seed Grade-1-23, Safflower Seed Grade-2-20.70, Neem Seed (Dry) Rs 27, Jamun Seed (dry) grade-1-42 rupees, Jamun seed (dry) grade-2-38 rupees in line with kg.

In a similar way Malkangani fruit uncooked (purple color) Rs 17, Kalmegh/Bhunim (uncooked) – Rs 5.50, Harra uncooked Rs 6, Baheda uncooked Rs 5, Giloy uncooked Rs 5.50, Harra hair Rs 30, Mahua flower uncooked (meals grade) Rs 10 Rs, Jhadu Chhind (grass) Rs 15, Kodo Rs 30, Kutki (black) Rs 31, Kutki (brown) Rs 31, Ragi Rs 35.78, Amchoor (white) Rs 120 and Amchoor (brown) Rs 80, Rally Kosa (Bhado) Rs. ) Grade-1-4.20 in fee no., Rally Kosa (Bhado) in fee no. Grade-2-3.60, Grade-3-2.80 in rally kosa (Bhado) fee no. Rs.1-1.50 and Rally Kosa (fourth) on the fee of Rs.2-1.25 in line with piece, Rally Kosa (fourth) on the fee of Rs.2-0.7 in line with kg.

Aside from this, the gathering fee of Amla fruit (uncooked) Rs 28, Rangini Lakh Beehan (with reside lac insect) Rs 275, Kusumi Lakh Beehan (with reside lac insect) Grade-1-550, Broom fork (grass) Rs 25, Belfal (uncooked) Rs 10, Jamun fruit (uncooked) Rs 23, Sawai grass Rs 15, Patal Kumhda Kand (dry) Rs 20, Safed Musli Kand (dry) Rs 650, Tikhur Kand (uncooked) Rs 17, Ashwagandha root (dry) ) Rs 180, Korea seed (Indra Barley) (dry) Rs 50, Kutaj bark (dry) Rs 12 and Palash flower (dry) Rs 11.50 in line with kg.

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