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2022 International Weightlifting Championships: Dates, time table, the way to watch and extra

The 2022 International Weightlifting Championships are set to happen in a few week. It is probably the most greatest weightlifting occasions of the 12 months. The entire global’s brightest stars shall be in Colombia for this 12 months’s tournament.

A number of top-notch weightlifters are concerned on this 12 months’s championship, together with Olympic gold medalists, world-record holders and extra. It is poised to be an out of this world tournament. This is the whole thing you wish to have to understand concerning the upcoming tournament.

Complete information about the International Weightlifting Championships

This is the entire time table for the championship. The International Weightlifting Championships happen between December 5 and 15. All occasions are native UTC -5.

Weightlifting – Olympics: Day 9

Opening day, which is December 5, looks as if this:

11:30- women folk 45kg (B)14:00- males 55kg (B)17:00- opening ceremony19:00- women folk 45kg (A)21:30-women 49kg (C)

December 6:

11:30- males 61kg (C)14:00- women folk 49kg (B)16:30- women folk 49kg (A)19:00- males 55kg (A)21:30- Ladies 55kg (D)

On December 7, that is the time table:

9:00- women folk 55kg (C)11:30-men 61kg (B)14:00- women folk 55kg (B)16:30- males 61kg (A)19:00- women folk 55kg (A)21:30- Ladies 59kg (D)

December 8 could have:

9:00- women folk 59kg (C)11:30-men 67kg (C)14:00- women folk 67kg (B)16:30- women folk 59kg (B)19:00- women folk 59kg (A)21:30- males 73kg (D)

December 9 will see those occasions happen:

9:00- women folk 64kg (D)11:30-men 73kg (C)14:00- males 73kg (B)16:30- males 67kg (A)19:00- males 73kg (A)21:30- women folk 64kg (C)

Saturday’s time table holds the next:

11:30- males 81kg (D)14:00- males 81kg (C)16:30- women folk 64kg (B)19:00- women folk 64kg (A)21:30- males 89kg (C)

December 11’s time table is:

9:00- women folk 71kg (C)11:30-men 81kg (B)14:00- males 89kg (B)16:30- males 81kg (A)19:00- males 89kg (A)21:30- males 96kg (D)

Monday, December 12, could have those occasions:

9:00- males 96kg (C)11:30-women 71kg (B)14:00- males 96kg (B)16:30- males 96kg (A)19:00- women folk 71kg (A)21:30- males 102kg (C)

On December 13, here is what’s going to happen:

9:00- women folk 76kg (C)11:30-men 102kg (B)14:00- women folk 76kg (B)16:30- women folk 76kg (A)19:00- males 102kg (A)21:30- women folk 81kg (C)

December 14’s occasions are as follows:

9:00- women folk 87kg (C)11:30-women 81kg (B)14:00- women folk 87kg (B)16:30- women folk 81kg (A)19:00- males 87kg (A)21:30- males 109kg (C)

That is what Thursday December 15 looks as if:

9:00- women folk +87kg (C)11:30-women +87kg (B)14:00- males 109kg (B)16:30- women folk +87kg (A)19:00- males 109kg (A)

All of those occasions shall be reside streamed.

Listed below are some of the athletes to control which are acting in those occasions:

Akbar DjuraevChen LijunLuis Javier MosqueraLi FabinShi ZiyongLasha TalakhadzeHidilyn Diaz-NaranjoNaisi DajomesKatherine Nye

Weightlifting Area has the broadcasting rights for the 2022 WWC in Colombia. Possible audience can get right of entry to the pay-per-view flow. That is executed by means of buying a price ticket on their web page. Early pricing started at $13.99 however has greater as the contest has grown nearer.

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